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Open Innovation

01 / Discover the Open Innovation

Dream in a pragmatic way

Beyond digital transformation, technology seamlessly integrates with people’s habits and their way of working.

Comfort increases, the experience is enhanced and productivity is increased through natural transformation. Technology elegantly merges analog and digital worlds.

stage of innovation : Assist human

Guide the user with clear feedback loops and simplify the tasks through the end user experience

stage of innovation : Augment human

Simplify input, allowing the user to achieve previously fastidious tasks in seconds

stage of innovation : Substitute human

Allow humans to focus on the next big thing and meaningful tasks with interoperable autonomous and self audited systems

The quest for tech opportunity

Rigorously follow the Law of the instrument in the pursuit of the right tool for the job: If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. With a technology agnostic approach we evaluate and adopt solutions from the market or build them from the ground up.

Our unique governance model allows us to run open innovation projects in collaboration with the startup ecosystem in Europe and in the US.

Hyper-automation & self auditing

Building automation pipelines that execute tasks autonomously, audit automation ensures they’ve been performed properly and in a verifiable way. This makes your business more intelligent and efficient.

AI Engineering

Typically performed in labs by “Data scientists”, it is time to move AI out of the labs and integrate it within IT processes. AI Engineering ensures it is one of the multiple components within your projects and as a result, delivers enterprise solutions.

Operate Anywhere

Our rapidly transforming society leads to clusters where we explore and implement solutions to change the work environment to accommodate employee needs. In this remote first world, resources and tools must always be available.

IP management and licensing

IP licensing is slow and expensive, opaque, relies on paperwork and is hardly auditable. There is an opportunity to simplify IP licensing, reduce cost and make it more transparent and auditable.