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Domiciliation & Accounting

02 / Discover the Domiciliation & Accounting expertise
Claire Erhman - Cedric Flipo - Eric Babaud - Cyril Lamorlette

We are experts bringing you specific solutions.

Our team of accounting and tax experts, supported by our regulatory consultants and best friend law firms, notaries, and auditors, will guide and assist Entrepreneurs and investors step by step to choose the most appropriate, flexible and business consistent options for their entities in Luxembourg.

The Luxembourg Toolbox

When thinking about structuring a holding, a fund, or a financing structure for European or international investments, the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg always looks like an ideal option thanks to the “Luxembourg toolbox”: accounting, legal, banking and tax laws rewarded as stable, business friendly and protective for investors.

Why Luxembourg

As a founding member of the European Union, bordered by major economic partners such as Belgium, France and Germany, Luxembourg benefits from a strong and diverse financial sector, a robust regulatory framework, a wide double tax treaty network and privileged economic relationships with the US, China, the UK and the Middle East region.

Gathering the pieces of the puzzle

When considering structuring or relocating a business in Luxembourg, one should gather all pieces of the puzzle: the choice of an appropriate corporate vehicle, its legal, accounting, tax implications (including mandatory reporting, substance, and possibly regulatory requirements) and related costs as well as the exit options (sale, family transfer, IPO, LBO).

Finding tailor-made solutions is our priority. Creating a trusted relationship with our clients is a must. Our team of accounting and tax experts, will guide and assist entrepreneurs and investors, finding the most appropriate options for their entities in Luxembourg.