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Data & Analytics

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80% of AI projects fail.*

Global AI investments to top $327 billion (source IDC), and analysts estimate that investments point to structural trends unlikely to vanish anytime soon. An astonishing fact: 90% of the world's data has been created in the past two years alone.

*According to Gartner

Data and analytics are changing the rules of competition; it has become imperative for companies to manage data as a strategic asset.

As machine learning constantly pushes the boundaries of what is possible, organisations unprepared for the shift will become irrelevant.

Get value from practical analytics and AI

Helping you obtain value from practical analytics and AI is our goal; our experts can support you in turning your data into strategic assets. have you ever wondered where to start with AI or how to develop your existing AI into a mature ecosystem? Reach out to us for pragmatic guidance on AI adoption; we will accompany you at every step, from selecting and prioritising the right use cases and demonstrating value and ROI, to running the project from development to production.

Build a data foundation

We can also assist your teams in building a data foundation to ensure that your data is available, accessible and accurate, while enabling a robust data architecture.

We help your organisation understand what its current capabilities are and how to generate value the company by investing in data technologies. We do this by building on your existing capabilities to transform data into information delivered to the right audience, enabling every part of your business to move from reactive to proactive.