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Building success together

PARTNRS was born from the observation that innovation had not permeated the world of professional services as it had in other fields such as the automotive, telecommunications or the leisure industry.

Enabling our clients and business partners to remain one step ahead in a constantly shifting business environment

We are an ecosystem of entrepreneurs. Professional, disruptive, and business minded.

PARTNRS is a professional services group recognised as an alternative to the established players. We offer excellence in professional services by bringing innovation, passion and agility to organisations

Risk & Regulatory Managing Team

In charge of our Risk & Regulatory and Internal Audit Activities
Olivier Riehl

Internal Audit, Risk & Regulatory

In charge of our Risk & Regulatory and Internal Audit Activities
Clotilde Huot

Internal Audit Expert
Risk & Regulatory

Tax & Accounting Managing Team

In charge of our Tax & Accounting Activities
Pierre-Frédéric Noël

Tax & Accounting Expert

In charge of our Tax & Accounting Activities
Claire Ehrmann

(Charterde Accountant)

Co- Founders

In charge of the global management of the group.
Cyril Lamorlette

Réviseur d'entreprises
(Chartered Accountant)

In charge of the business development activities of the group
Pierre-François Wéry

(Chartered Accountant)


We build bridges between business, technology & regulations.


We are willing to build and grow a disruptive professional services firm, in which innovation and disruption, the search for meaning and the respect and alignment of human values play the eloquent first role.


We are a team of entrepreneurs, each of us having knowledge and experience in our area of expertise, with different minds but a common vision.


Partnrs’ team is supported in various and pertinent ways by high-profile individuals, who bring an impressive cumulative experience in Professional Services to the table, in addition to a unique visibility in and of the Market.

New but

While creating cashflow and shareholder value remains crucial for many organisations, aiming at being and remaining meaningful and caring about people and ecosystems has become a must.

We help our client to remain one step ahead in a changing environment. Take a look at what we've done.

Sector of activitiesStakeholderBusiness Case
Financial Services - Management CompanyConducting Officer | Chief Risk OfficerImplementing a digital risk management plateform
BankingChief Operating OfficerDeveloping a new solution for payments.
Public SectorData Protection OfficerStrengthening the data protection policies and processes
Industrial CompanyChief Compliance OfficerDesign and implementation of anty bribery policies
Real EstateBoard of Directors | Executive ManagementSwot analysis regarding tokenisation assets
BankingTransformation OfficeESG program management, design, reporting and implementation of regulation
InsuranceHead Of Risk and ComplianceData analytics applied to AML regulation
Listed Commercial CompanyHead Of TaxCorporate structuring and relocation analysis,

We are an ecosystem of entrepreneurs. Professional, disruptive, and business minded.


Partnrs Group has been launched in 2021 by Cyril Lamorlette, who has gathered around him a team of entrepreneurs, experts and high profile individuals.


We serve our clients in five countries: Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland


Three main sectors of activities: Financial Services, Industrial & Commercial Companies, Public Sector


More than one hundred clients build their success with the help of Partnrs


More than a professional services firm

Let’s build together your success story.

Your success relies on your ability to have a critical and thoughtful view on how the following key matters impact your business: technology and innovation, regulations and people's expectations, evolutions of your markets and competitors.

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